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Small businesses that reimburse employees for the cost of premiums for individual health insurance policies or pay their health costs directly will be fined up to $36,500 a year per employee under a new Internal Revenue Service regulation that takes effect July 1, 2015.
According to the notice, an employer arrangement that reimburses or pays for employee individual health premiums is considered to be a group health plan that is subject to the $100 per-employee per-day penalty. The penalty applies whether the reimbursement is considered a before-tax or after-tax contribution.


A Southern California family is left searching for answers after a 25-year-old man died from cardiac arrest Thursday while “more than five officers were sitting on him.”
The Montclair Police Department was called to Christian Siqueiros’ former apartment building after a neighbor called them to report that he was “acting strangely.”
That phone call seems to have cost him his life.


WASHINGTON — The National Security Agency on Tuesday restarted its bulk collection of Americans' phone records for a temporary period, resulting from a federal court ruling this week that gave it the green light, federal officials said.
The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court ruled Monday that the NSA could resume gathering millions of Americans' phone metadata — call times, dates and durations — to scan for links to foreign terrorists.


The FBI, Drug Enforcement Administration and U.S. Army have all bought controversial software that allows users to take remote control of suspects’ computers, recording their calls, emails, keystrokes and even activating their cameras, according to internal documents hacked from the software’s Italian manufacturer.


The United States of America is in the early stages of a government-induced crack up. Stress has begun to create structural failures in the interstices but, as yet, has produced only surface cracks on the social facade.


An Orangeburg County man who shot and wounded a DEA agent during a surprise pre-dawn drug raid outside his home last fall was sentenced Monday to eight years in prison.

Just before U.S. Judge Michelle Childs passed sentence on Joel Robinson, 33, the the Drug Enforcement Administration agent Robinson shot told the judge there was no excuse for Robinson’s shooting him and that he almost lost his life.


For Philadelphia Police Chief Charles Ramsey, increasing transparency within the nation’s oldest and fourth largest police municipality and holding its officers accountable to residents may be easier said than done.


A bill to hide government actions both large and small from public scrutiny is quietly making its way through the Wisconsin legislature.

A budget committee voted to approve the bill Thursday along party lines with only Republicans voting for it. It still must pass both houses and be signed into law by the governor.