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In August 2013, just as the ink was drying from the press covering the initial Snowden revelations, ITIF estimated that the economic fallout for US cloud computing providers could run from $22 to $35 billion. In the two years since, ITIF noted that US technology continues to underperform due to mistrust of US government surveillance. They concluded that the long-term repercussions "will likely far exceed" the $35 billion figure from 2013.


Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) is pressing his Republican colleagues to block fast-track trade legislation ahead of an expected procedural vote on Tuesday.

"As conservatives, we should look before we leap," Sessions said in a letter to his fellow Senate Republicans on Monday. "We have a second chance to get answers, but we will only get them if cloture is not invoked."


It has been believed that should the NSA’s legal authority to tap our phones expire this year, their relentless and unrestricted wiretapping would end. Unfortunately, that might not be the case due to an unforeseen loophole.

This loophole would allow the Unites States to continue spying on citizens regardless of whether or not they have legal ground to do so.