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A police officer shot and killed an unarmed, mentally challenged black man in Los Angeles on Monday, his family said.

Family members identified Ezell Ford, 25, as the man the cop killed on the 200 block of West 65th St. about 8:20 p.m. And one eyewitness says the officer yelled “shoot him” before killing the man in the street.

His mother, Tritobia Ford, said the shooting was unjustified and that her son was complying with the officer's orders, according to local media.


What good are lapel cams and microphones if the cops are disabling them? Why aren’t they being fired for this?

“No one likes to be monitored,” says Sid Heal, recently retired commander who evaluated technology during his decades-long tenure at the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. And? If you do not want to be filmed and recorded don’t be a cop.


As Attorney General Eric Holder prepares to resign from his position, new information emerges regarding his possible involvement in the Operation Fast and Furious “gun-walking” scandal.


DETROIT (WXYZ) - An emotional outburst during the testimony of Aiyana Stanley-Jones's grandmother has halted the retrial of officer Joseph Weekley.

Mertilla Jones was describing the night Aiyana died when she broke down on the stand and began yelling at Weekley.

Jones began yelling "You killed my grand-baby" at Weekley and had to be escorted from the courtroom.