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A large swath of liberals will be sorely disappointed if Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) sits out the 2016 presidential election.

In Ms. Warren they see a feisty crusader for the underclass. When some liberals look at Hillary Clinton, the Democratic frontrunner, they see instead a mainstream figure who is too cozy with the Wall Street firms that helped trigger the financial collapse in 2008.

As it stands now, Mrs. Clinton is almost certain to run in ’16 and Ms. Warren is likely to opt out.


The Obama administration has already debuted its new, improved version of, but still won’t release premium rates on the website until after the Nov. 4 elections.

The Department of Health and Human Services unveiled the updated federal Obamacare exchange on Wednesday. The website is, by all accounts, in much better condition than last year.


While the political commentators in the nation's capital are wrapped up in the debate over what to do about ISIS, and as one third of the Senate and nearly all members of the House campaign for re-election, the president's spies continue to capture massive amounts of personal information about hundreds of millions of us and lie about it.