BBC Sexual Abuse Scandal Coverup


In this edition of the show: Jimmy Savile's sexual scandal, which has recently rocked the British Broadcasting Corporation, is the latest in a series of fiascos hitting the broadcaster over the past decades, but still no official body is monitoring the crown-owned corporation. International affairs: Britain is facing several demands of apology from other nations. Palestinians have launched an apology demand campaign for its role in creating Israel, Kenya demands compensation for colonial-era atrocities, Malaysia has launched a formal demand of apology over 1948 Malaya massacre and British-Indonesians are slamming the government for complicity in Indonesian death squad funding.

Economy: A large number of middle-class British families are considering to emigrate the country as Britain can no longer offer them a good quality of life. Almost two in three families surveyed want to emigrate due to the deteriorating economy, bad weather and a loss of national pride. Debate: MOD is to announce a multi-million pound contract for a new generation of nuclear missile submarines indicating Britain's resolve to push ahead with its disputed Trident nuclear system replacement program.

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