James Turk on the Central Bank Gold Heist and Bundesbank Accounting and Gold Shenanigans!


A recent public debate has centered around the safety of Germany's gold deposits outside of the country. Recently a member of the Bundesbank's executive board, Dr. Andreas Dombret, addressed this issue a speech. According to the text, Dr. Dombret said this discussion is driven by "irrational fears," while acknowledging "gold is important." James Turk, chairman and founder of Gold Money, says the question of "where the Bundesbank's gold is" remains relevant and argues Germany should repatriate this gold given that the precious metal is one of the "pillars of a country's sovereignty." Mr. Turk goes on to explain in detail how a central bank's gold, specifically the Bundesbank's, isn't really accounted for in a way that conforms with generally accepted accounting principles.