Morton Blackwell goes on the Record on 2012 RNC Changing The Rules


Morton Blackwell, President of the Leadership Institute and senior member of RNC rules committee, author of the minority report (a counter-measure to the controversial rule changes), goes on the record in a conversation with Carolina Liberty PAC about the 2012 Republican National Convention.

Topics of discussion:
-Controversial rule changes,
-RNC bus issues (Virginia delegation bus ordeal),
-John Boehner reading a scripted rules vote,
-Ben Ginsberg,
-Mitt Romney,
-the impact of RNC actions on Mitt Romney's campaign, alienation of voters,
-the NC delegation meeting, NC chairman Robin Hayes, and more.

More content on a couple of items mentioned in the conversation:

RNC bus situation- North Carolina's situation with the bus ordeal was mentioned. I did take some livestream at the RNC when we began to realize something was amiss with the buses. Unfortunately the video froze, but there is pretty good audio of conversation about NC's bus situation:

North Carolina delegation meeting, which Mr. Blackwell was a guest to:

Follow-up video from a Moore County TEA Party meeting in which a member asks Chairman Hayes to explain his actions at the RNC, specifically referencing Mr. Blackwell: