Neocon Mark Levin After Ron Paul Again and Wrong About War Powers


Mark Levin, queen of the neocons, had a schizophrenic segment on the war powers responsibility under the Constitution last night. I tend to check in with the oracle of liberty once in a while; lately I’ve paid attention because of our newfangled war—although it’s just a continuation of our fondness of killing in the Middle East. Boy has the sickness of our so-called prophets of liberty been diluted and poisoned with agitprop and disease. Mark, a neocon, who was a lickspittle of Bush, goes after Ron Paul and neocon foreign policy, only to embrace neocon policy. The pellucid water of liberty has certainly been poisoned!

I can never understand the myths that go into the mouth of the Zeus of liberty—you know, Mark Levin, the hero of what we call liberty today, per his “manifesto”—because his application tends toward vassalage, war, and prison. Mark’s slake for liberty is akin to Bonaparte’s thirst for Russia—utterly destructible. I mean this fervid champion of freedom is the one who thinks the president can lock anyone up, kill people in foreign countries, spy, drone, torture, and the like, without any wince of examination. So he cowers in a “bunker,” like a ruffian, only to gibe to all those who oppose tyranny as “statists.”

Mark, the pretentious and vainglorious puppet, tell us that:

“Ron Paul early on felt that the attack on 9-11 was provoked by us because of all our intervention in the Arab and Muslim World. That’s why I dismissed him. I’m not going to back somebody like that, ever! We didn’t provoke a damn thing. Hate America first—no I’m sorry I’m not into that. So you think my view is odd? Well that’s funny, because every single president of the United States has embraced this view—every damn one of em’, from Reagan to Obama."

Number one, who’s us?

Secondly, it was precisely because of our intervention in the Middle East over the years that have caused blowback, thirdly, Ron is for America First, rather than your dedication to Israel, and finally, your aptitude for trusting “every single president” is fact you are ignorant.