National Journal's Ron Fournier Obama's 'Chilling' Message To Whistleblowers: 'We're Watching You'


5/14/13 - Ron Fournier, editorial director for the National Journal, tore into the White House in an appearance on MSNBC on Tuesday over the news that the Department of Justice had obtained two months of telephone records. Fournier called the move "chilling" and "unprecedented." He added that he thinks President Barack Obama's administration is trying to intimidate potential whistleblowers with the move.

MSNBC anchor Chris Jansing played a clip of Kathleen Carol, executive editor of the Associated Press, on MSNBC's Morning Joe who said on Tuesday that the Department of Justice's decision to obtain their phone records was "distressing."

Fournier, a former Associate Press reporter, said that he agreed with Carol.

"I agree with the AP that this is appalling and it's chilling," he said. "It's very important that the press, as flawed as we can be, we do our best work when we get people in government, around government, to tell us things that their bosses don't want to get out."

"This effort, my suspicion is, to send a message to all potential whistleblowers, 'we're watching you," Fournier added. "This is a chilling thing to do. It looks like a fishing expedition. It is unprecedented in its scope and its breadth. I think it's a big mistake."