Oregon Rep. Kim Thatcher testifying against gun control bills


Rep. Kim Thatcher from Keizer is against all of the gun control bills being considered by Oregon lawmakers. 

Public Hearing SB 347 Modifies crime applicable to possession of firearm, or instrument used as dangerous weapon, while in or on school grounds.

Prohibit guns in K-12 schools; exceptions: This bill would establish a statewide policy prohibiting carrying a gun into a K-12 school building, but a local school district could "opt-out" of this policy and allow individuals to carry guns in their school buildings.

SB 699 Modifies laws prohibiting possession of firearms in public buildings.

Concealed Carry in Public Buildings: The bill would require CHL holders to carry their gun concealed in public buildings.

SB 700 Requires person to request criminal background check before transferring firearm to any other person outside the transferor's immediate family.

Background checks; exceptions: Requires criminal background checks before guns are transferred between private parties. Transfers between family members are exempted, unless the family member who is transferring the gun knows or should have known the other family member is prohibited by law from possessing a firearm.

SB 796 Requires person applying for concealed handgun license to pass firing range test.

"Live fire" training for CHL applicants: The bill would require CHL applicants to complete "live fire" training as part of the gun safety program.