CIA drones freely kill civilians


An analyst says Washington's so called 'war on terrorism' is in actual fact nothing but a permit to murder whoever they wish at times under such a flimsy excuse as disapproving of the victim's associates.

The comment comes as former top Pentagon lawyer General Counsel Jeh Johnson on Monday spoke of 'adding judicial oversight to the government's targeted killing activities' in a speech at Fordham University. 

Jeh Johnson said that many Americans now imagine "dark images of civilian and military national security personnel in the basement of the White House-acting, as Senator Angus King put it, as 'prosecutor, judge, jury and executioner'...deciding for themselves who shall live and who shall die, pursuant to a process and by standards no one understands." 

Johnson acknowledged that Washington's so called 'anti-terror' targeted killing program, once a campaign bragging point for Obama, now "risks an erosion of support by the people." 

Press TV has conducted an interview with international lawyer, Edward Corrigan, in Ontario to further discuss the issue. 

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