Gun Control. The Agenda is incremental total disarmament. The left admits it.


"Like" this video if you support the Second Amendment and do not agree with Gun Control and the ultimate agenda of complete disarmament of all American citizens.

Many on the left either lie or do not know that there is a stated and often discussed agenda to incrementally disarm the American citizens. This can be summed up by the assertion by the UN that individual ownership of guns is a threat to the "legitimate power monopoly of the state."

In this video edit, you can see Senator Dianne Feinstein state she would have introduced a bill in the 1990s to confiscate all firearms in America civilian hands if she thought she could get the votes, you can see a UN representative make misleading statements about the degree of gun control desired so as not run into too much resistance, you can see her then admit that the UN and NGOs she works with do indeed have a larger agenda to remove even handguns from all citizens possession.

Finally, you will see just two cases in the recent past of when teenagers were able to defend themselves and their siblings from criminal attackers breaking into their homes using their families' firearms. This is to address those on the left that seem to claim (1) that such crimes are not real and only happen in movies or that being able to successfully fend off criminal attackers with Personal Defense Weapons only happens in movies, and (2) that the Right to Keep and Bear Arms has been demonstrated to have saved lives.

Since this is a shared belief among many (not all) on the left, we effectively have an infestation of anti-Second Amendment (anti-Constitution) UN operatives working against the Constitution and our Rights who are in elected public offices such as Senators and Representatives as well as unelected bureaucratic jobs. Outside of these positions there are NGOs and think-tanks scheming and plotting about how to exploit tragedies caused by criminals and unstable mentally disturbed people. These people advise and lobby those in our governments at all levels on how to remove all firearms from civilian hands, one way or another.

In the future I may publish a video of many more reports of people fending off criminal attackers using Person Defense Weapons.

The examples shown in this video edit are not meant to claim that the ultimate reason for the Second Amendment is for individual defense, the Second Amendment clearly states the purpose of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is to be able to function as a militia which includes response to criminal activity as well as response in a militant manner in defense of the State. Further, many have sworn an oath to the U.S. Constitution to defend it against all enemies foreign or domestic. Most who take this oath take it quite seriously, as should all American citizens.