"A Gun Would Have Change The Odds" - Suzanna Hupp, Texas Mass Shooting Survivor Speaks out Against New Gun Control Measures


Suzanna Hupp, a survivor from a mass shooting in Texas spoke out against new gun control measures. In October 1991, a man shot more than 40 people in a Luby's restaurant, killing 23 of them, including Hupp's parents. She gave impassioned testimony on Capitol Hill last week and argued that the law left her and others helpless against their attacker.

In what she called a "stupid decision," Hupp said she realized she'd obeyed Texas law and left her gun in her car. At the time, people were not permitted to carry a weapon into public places. "It still makes me angry when I think about it. You can't go up against a guy with a gun with a salt shaker or a butter knife."