All Roads to Tyranny Begin With Control Over the Internet




I have often said that  most Americans, seemingly oblivious to the tyrannical takeover of our government in Washington D.C.,  will indeed fight for three things (1) food and water; (2) the right to bear arms; and, (3) access to a free and uncontrolled internet.

The right to bear arms is under serious attack by various levels of government in this country. Our food and water supply are in the process of being horded by the global elite to the point that artificial shortages are in our near future. Most Americans remain oblivious to this plot and how far this plot has progressed to create huge price increases accompanied by artificially created shortages  (e.g.T. Boone Pickens buying up the Ogallala water aquifer).

In the past 24 hours, much has been made about the newest attempt to control the internet because the powers that be don’t like the fact that many of us are being successful in waking up our fellow Americans as to the dangers posed by the criminal Obama administration and its unconstitutional policies. Subsequently, in the third leg of the complete subjugation of the American people, Obama is proposing a type of NDAA version of internet control in which one’s website could simply disappear, without due process, and the blogger could be fined and/or imprisoned.

This is not the first time that this criminal government has put the only version of non-censored content left in America under attack. Consider Senator John McCain’s actions over the past several years.



McCain Proposed Debtors Prison for Political Activists

At that time, John McCain had introduced a bill that would have fined bloggers up to $300,000 for “offensive statements, photos and videos posted by visitors on comment boards”. McCain has publicly expressed his distaste for blogs in the past and this is why any protestation that he was simply aiming to “protect the children” with this legislation fell on deaf ears. His opposition largely to a free internet stemmed from the fact that many, including myself, have been critical of McCain’s in-laws and their past connections to organized crime which ultimately served to fund the rise of McCain’s political career. This fact alone, I believe, explains McCain’s obsession with gaining control over the internet.

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