What Happens When a Person With a Good Camera Shows Up At the Sandy Hook Firehouse?


Every once in a while, a real person without an agenda will show up at one of these staged events- What do the panicked participants and those involved in this staged event do- the obvious solution- kick out the camera person.

Bear in mind- that the firehouse wasn't even inolved in this event, so a reporter has every right to be taking pictures anywhere around it- but the only person with a good camera is told to leave, even in a threatening manner- Not the usual treatment journalists receive at the scene of a crime.

Notice how "upset" and "uneasy" the people the cameraperson attempts to talk to are? It's strange, because all other people getting reported by mainstream media seemed extremely happy to be on camera- But not in the case of this legitimate, non biased reporter.

It is becoming more obvious why more pictures weren't released to the public from these "events", and how the front lines of "perception management" are in fact enforced.