ATF Agent Exposes U.S. Government Gun Running Fast & Furious Gun Control Scam


The United State government order ATF agents to sell Mexican cartel drug dealers guns and allowed them to take them back into Mexico. ATF Senior Special Agent John Dodson blew the whistle on " Operation Fast and Furious " after he called in for surveillance and was denied it by the U.S. government. The U.S government allowed the criminal organization to get away with the weapons to later on blame the 2nd amendment and abolish it. The U.S government intends to wait until the the guns are used to murder innocent civilians and police in Mexico and than trace the guns back to the United States.They will than call for stricter gun laws to keep people safe from the very guns they allowed criminals to get away with. The U.S. government not only allowed the guns to be taking into Mexico but paid for the guns with tax payer money to make sure Mexican cartel would not have to any problems passing checks at gun stores and gun shows. This is a clear case of the U.S government engaging in high treason to disarm the American people so they can usher in an age of tyranny and end freedom as we know it. How many agents, soldiers, police officers ,etc have to risk their lives to expose a criminals government that is committing high treason to destroy this country and enslave it's people. These patriots blow the whistle on this high-jacked hostile government to wake the American people up to the complete take over that is being carried out in secrecy through laws and executive orders to destroy American ability to fight back once it becomes clear to the majority what the true agenda of the government is.