Gun Control Laws will mean illegal searches for everyone Nationwide !!!


On this night I come across 2 NYPD cops in a black tinted car that pull over and search to men without a warrant or probably cause violating their Constitutional rights.

The corrupt cops bent up their rear license plate and did not display their badges which is a clear indication that they planned on violating the rights of innocent people in order to meet NYPD's illegal arrest quota.

Each year hundreds of thousands of minority men are targeted by the NYPD to be either extorted out of money in court or taken to corporate owned prisons where they are put to work prison factories as the corporations simultaneously charge tax payers $50,000 a year to house each inmate.

With incarceration being this profitable and ruthless organized crime syndicates like the NYPD eager to violate the rights of innocent people to fill prisons, it's no wonder there are 2.2 million Americans behind bars making the U.S the incarceration capital of the world.

The reason why New York has such strict gun laws is so the population is forced to be dependent on the corrupt NYPD and can't ever rise up against their extortion, exploitation and abuse of power. Gun laws don't keep you safe, they make you vulnerable to criminals that don't follow laws .. including the police.



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