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Another school shooting, another failure of 'Gun-free schools' act

Dave Workman
Seattle Gun Rights Examiner With last week's shooting incident at a Bremerton-area elementary school fresh on everyone's mind, today's deadly shooting at an Ohio high school comes as one more reminder that the legislative panacea to such incidents, adopted more than a decade ago, just might be a fraud. As this column is written, the count is one dead, four wounded and one teen in custody after having apparently given himself up sometime after having fled the school. According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the suspected shooter has been identified. He's a teen who attends classes at a different facility for "at risk" students. Charges are pending. The dead youth is identified as 16-year-old Daniel Parmentor. A teenager described as a bullied outcast at his suburban Cleveland high school opened fire in the cafeteria Monday morning, killing one student and wounding four others before being caught a short distance away, authorities said. A student who witnessed the attack from just a few feet away said it appeared the gunman was targeting a group of students sitting at a cafeteria table and that the one who was killed was trying to duck under the table.—Cincinnatti Enquirer The nation adopted a Gun-Free School Zones Act originally in 1990, but when the Supreme Court struck down the law, it was re-written and re-adopted as the law in 1995. That was months before the shooting in February 1996 at Frontier Middle School in Moses Lake, three years before the Springfield, OR shooting at Thurston High School, four years before the Columbine High School massacre in April 1999 in Colorado, more than a decade before Tacoma's Foss High School shooting and nearly 15 years before the slaying of Birney Elementary School teacher Jennifer Paulson in Tacoma. If this law was supposed to prevent school shootings, should it not be repealed because of its many failures? If a person had been hired with the specific task of preventing school shootings, that individual would have long ago been fired, based solely on the body count.

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