Hawthorne man jailed for four days for recording the police.


W/C Peter Ti Gettz directed this arrest, and defended it to my attorney the whole time I was in jail. In addition, he had the sense to defend it again in these comments. Watch commanders office 310 349 2727...Captains office 310 349 2800 For 4 days w/c Gettz refused to talk to a prisoner he knew was innocent. Look at my other videos, and you will see this is not unusual for him.(female motorist carjacked and several others)
.4 days in jail for 2 minutes of video. Routine traffic stop on 11-8/9-2012, holiday weekend.
I would like to ask whoever is willing to follow the unrelated link.(Audio w/ description)
What happened to me was unlawful, no doubt, but it certainly doesnt compare to the miscarriage of justice that took place when Alfonso Cerda was killed by LASD. Or when lies were told in the media for days after the fact.
That is where comments and outrage should be directed. If there is any left over, distribute accordingly.