Al Gore, aka 'Captain Planet' Can't Save You - Carbon Tax Is Back On The Agenda


On the heels of Hurricane Sandy and the re-election of President Obama last week, the Congressional Budget Office released a report titled, "Offsetting a Carbon Tax's Costs on Low-Income Households." The Associated Press reported that both the liberal Brookings Institution and conservative American Enterprise Institute think tanks are also revisiting the U.S. carbon tax with discussions and reports of their own this week. California's first cap and trade bidding on carbon emission credits took place yesterday, despite a lawsuit filed by the state's Chamber of Commerce.

Right on time, Al Gore premiered another 24-hour online global warming scarefest last night entitled, "24 Hours of Reality: The Dirty Weather Report" aiming to promote "climate reality"; the move coincides with Gore openly calling on President Obama to reintroduce the carbon tax as part of the "fiscal cliff" budget crisis.

It would seem the U.S. carbon tax is alive and well and, if climate change alarmist Gore and his globalist friends have their way, it's coming soon to a bank account near you.

Gore's latest "24 Hours of Reality" fearmongering stunt came complete with a faux commercial featuring a weatherman forecasting obscenity-laced imaginary 110-degree temperatures and skyrocketing grocery prices due to global warming.

Joel Skousen sits down with Alex Jones and discusses strategies on how to prepare for and survive major disasters.!/RealAlexJones

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